Friday, August 3, 2012

Otakon 2012

And now I shall detail my four day vacation/journey to Otakon, where creativity runs like sweat from the skin of an armored cosplayer. I got to experience the smelly glamour Friday and Saturday in my own costume, an assortment of items I threw together to get the full Otakon experience. Worked out nice though. I even ended up on Wikimedia, somehow.

Me (right) with my splicing sister.
Mine paled in comparison to others of course, such as my sister's battleworn samurai (no picture yet, sorry), and Spider-Splicer. I'm apparently collecting Harry Dresden now too, as I have one picture for each year.

We got a little crazy and shook it up this year by actually going to panels. I sat in on a hilarious show by +2 Comedy, witnessed some ridiculous deaths in anime, and awesome anime openings. Unfortunately, the panel I was jazzed for, an Avatar: the Last Airbender panel (which promised to be epic) was canceled, so we never got the chance to show off our fanatical knowledge of the show. I'm sure he'll turn up in a hundred years.

Biggest highlight of the convention: I found her, the one plush I've been looking for for over a year. The elusive Lina Inverse plush. Of course I now have to find the other characters and build myself a collection.

I'm glad Otakon is over now; I haven't been this exhausted and overstimulated since my last martial arts tournament way back in childhood. All the things to see and do, and the multitude of people. I'm confident there were enough people present over those three days to tear down and rebuild the convention center in just a day. Actually, the site mentioned this year had upwards of 30,000 people attend. Sheesh.

It's time to begin planning and saving for next year's 'Con, and resume my writerly tasks.
My slightly-fuzzy pictures are available to view on my Facebook (the whole darn album), and I plan to add more when possible.

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