Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy, Busy Day

Saturday was the Walk; I began at roughly 9am and ended around 10:40am with barely a throb of soreness or exhaustion. It was a nice walk around a nice area. It gave me time to think and try to recall the sensations you get from a park (or near a lake, or in a wooded area).

That failed. I lifted my mood by taking in the scenery, but thanks to the heat it was hard to notice anything other than "It's hot!"
I figured I would go ahead and put up a picture of the team I walked with, and horrible camera pictures of the view.

Oh yes, and still working on Serpenttongue, almost to the second to last chapter. Being so close to the end of the manuscript I've worked on sporadically for the past two years gives me a strange feeling. It's not despair, disappointment, or joy just...different.

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