Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End of the Month Update

Goodbye July, and hello August. Yet another month has come and gone already.

I tried hard, but my birthday was not to be resisted. It bowled me over, leaving an achy 27 year old me in its wake. I would have let this atrocity go without complaint, except the cheesecake I brought for my birthday was beyond mediocre, and there are some things I just can't let go.
Turns out I did not accomplish my writing goals for the month, because of personal oversight, as is usually the case.

LBW: In my goal setting, I forgot to look at my past writing and figure out where the middle might be. (Oops). I can say I at least reached the scene my brain has envisioned for some time now, except it has no idea what the M.C. is supposed to learn from it yet.

I'm 0 for 4 here now.

ST: Why did I think I could make it through 150-plus pages of revision this month when I'm a slow writer? I managed a lot, but not even close to a hundred pages, even with the work I did during the convention.

I'm not bothered by that as much as I am over my writing goal; revision is still very challenging for me.

Untitled Short: Now I did get this goal completed. It's all typed up, waiting its first revision. Take that, procrastination.

And my goals for August, so far, shall be:
  • Begin work on a new short story that's been tapping my shoulder for two or three weeks now. This time I'll start with development of an outline and basic character sketch before starting, to see which style of writing I prefer.
  • I have just a few more pages of LBH awaiting critique, then I will compare notes to my draft and contemplate another revision. This month, I just want to take this stage of the process slow.
  • The short I wrote has waited patiently for revision so I'll hit that too, and then try to get into a paper revision after my initial computer screen revision is complete.
  • Continue revision of ST – of course. I'm not expecting to get through my two stacks of pages this month.
  • Reexamine my outline and plot points for LBW to guide me to the next major plot point. I'll need to fix the outline and elaborate on it a little more to make sure I get the plot points to build to the ending I have mostly plotted out. I need to write up a sketch for the antagonists and one or two more characters while I'm at it.
  • Not forget my sister's birthday is next week. She shall show no mercy should I make that mistake.

Any goals for the month of August? Were you able to accomplish any you set for July?

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