Monday, May 4, 2009


How fragile humans are.

I woke up Wednesday morning with a vague pain that steadily increased throughout the day until I could barely breathe through my chest by 3am.
On Friday I went back to the hospital for a second time, to find out that at some point in my sleep Tuesday night I must have twisted wrong in order to have strained my chest wall, explaining the debilitating pain and inability to inhale...It's Monday and I'm still having dim pain.

It made me think about all the things you can do as a human to injure or kill yourself without ever meaning to. How fragile a species to be capable of giving itself great pain by moving the wrong way unconsciously; you can sprain your wrist by sleeping the wrong way, if you sneeze, hiccup, and burp at the same time there's word you can make your heart explode, if for any reason at all your heart loses its pace you can hemorrhage.
A little bit of air injected into the veins can kill you, being cut with a rusted instrument can also kill you, and so many other accidents can befall a human being and take them out.

It's just a little worrisome to think about; that I could walk out the door right now, trip over the curb, and if I hit right there just might be a chance of killing me, if not doing severe damage.

How sobering.

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Davin Malasarn said...

:) It is sobering. I'm a biologist, and if you just think about the normal everyday functions our bodies must perform, it's totally miraculous. Think about how your body in your mother's womb had to make all the right moves to get you to where you are now: ten fingers and toes, your right half looking more or less like your left half, your teeth inside your mouth, all the little bones of your feet being assembled in the right order. The slightest mistake in the separation of your DNA in many of these cell divisions could have killed you. But here you are. You're not dead. You might have a dim pain, but you will recover. As fragile as life is, it's also incredibly resilient. For all the things that can kill you, your body has done ten thousand things to protect you.

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