Monday, April 20, 2009

Critique: I Am Legend

It took some time to finish, but I did, and it definitely wasn't what I was expecting, especially the ending. I won't give that away though, that'd be wrong.

As a reader:
It was a little too slow at times for me, I found it hard to keep reading; there were a lot of times when I had to read in short bursts. But it was mildly interesting; I'm curious to see the movie to see what differences there are between them.

As a writer:
I'm slowly starting to recognize and understand the importance of variety in sentence structure, it makes for a better read all around. I have yet to get better at it though.
The variety in this story gave it a more formal read, made it feel more developed and whole. Detail, which I'm learning to use more of, also helped it feel whole; when I think of it, I see the comparison between lack of detail and a complete work as a skeleton vs. the human body complete with flesh muscle, etc. It helps.
I'm also starting to recognize pacing. I've read in many different places that alternating between slow pacing and quick is a good idea to keep the action parts moving, and the downtime between as a place for readers to catch their breath and take in what they've learned. The use of shorter sentences and less detail helps speed up the pace of a scene, while more detail and longer sentences slows it down.

I don't know when then next critique will be, I have to find another book I'm interested in reading, and that could take awhile.


Davin Malasarn said...

It's really great that you can view the writing from both a reader's point of view and from a writer's point of view. I think that's the key to making something that's beautiful and entertaining at the same time.

Regarding varying sentences, there's an exercise I did once that helped me with that. Write a story in which each sentence starts with a different letter of the alphabet. The first sentence starts with A and the second sentence started with B, etc. It really shows that you have multiple ways to write the same thing. This realization was a big help to me.

Charlene said...

That sounds like a great idea, thank you :)

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