Thursday, February 2, 2012

At Last

Hello again, how have you been? So much has changed since my wholly unintended disappearance, I have a lot of catching up to do, learning Blogger's new features included.

Considering all the sites I use to keep up with, and the habits I'd settled into prior is fairly shocking; I had never noticed everything I was doing while I was doing it all, but I also had daily Internet access and oodles (great word, by the way) of time. That, however, has been altered indefinitely.
During that period of absence, I've managed to relocate multiple times and find myself in quite a few situations best described with keywords like "drama" or "chaotic." They would probably make for good stories, if anyone believed they were possible.
My adventure brought me back to my home area with a few new lessons learned:
  • Cats can growl. People should be warned prior to the experience. It would lessen the cold fear.
  • I do, in fact, have a questionable obsession with a certain series about a certain wizard detective which makes me squeal when I hear about upcoming installments.
  • Children can give the evil-eye like no adult can. It cuts into your very soul. Stay out of view when one is getting a shot.
  • No matter where I am, mentally, emotionally, or geographically, I have never stopped writing a story. I've simply changed mediums from paper to grey matter. Stories are on the short list of things I can ponder for prolonged periods voluntarily. (Out of Reality actually hung around for eight years before I had the heart to rewrite the novel after losing it to a damaged floppy disk.)
That final observation is most important to me in a decade of uncertainty about my usefulness and my potential for achievement or progression.
That's all. More posts to follow in time.

Have a great weekend ^_^

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