Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trying my Hand at Something New

I haven't done much work on my novel recently (bad Charlene, I know), mostly having a case of writers block; I don't have any dialogue to write or really know how to get from point A to my point B, and between how hectic my life has been and my own personal problems I haven't been able to do much anyway.
A week ago I picked up a collection of Urban Fantasy short stories to read then decided after indulging in a few that I wanted to try my hand at one myself. I've already been wanting to try writing a short story anyway and it seemed like the time to try something different. I don't know how it will come out or if any magazine or contest will accept it but at the least it will let me know whether I'm as good as others tell me I am, or if I need a lot more experience before I can have a work submitted.

So, what does everyone else write? Novels? Shorts? Just share you experience here if you like.

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